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Reconnect with Your Partner

Do you and your partner find yourselves lonely in your relationship and longing to reconnect but somehow things end in misunderstanding and frustration? Are you trying to get over infidelity but you just can’t seem to move on?

It’s human nature to long for that meaningful connection with someone with whom we can share our deepest desires and vulnerabilities, and be loved unconditionally. I can help you work through the blocks in your relationship so that you each feel understood and comfortable expressing your needs with one another. 

My goal is to help you discover patterns of communication that are no longer serving you, and move from a place of defensiveness to a one of love and trust. Together we can identify your cycle and explore the feelings beneath the anger and resentment. We will move to a place of safety where each of you can express your fears and desires, and respond to each other with love, understanding and intimacy.

Whether you've been in a long term relationship or marriage, or you're considering premarital counseling, exploring your relationship can deepen your connection and spark a new and enriching life together.



Individual Work

Life is relationship; relationship to ourselves, to others, and the world around us. As a couples therapist, I strive to help you rediscover the secure and trusting bond you desire. However, lots of times it's our early wounds and distressing life events that prevent us from being close to others for fear of being hurt again. When we endure things like abuse or sexual assault, our instinct is to protect ourselves from a perceived danger…real or imagined. To complicate things even more, we are often cut off from our emotions because feeling them is so painful. These protective mechanisms and difficulty expressing emotion have been crucial in our survival, but unfortunately can leave us feeling isolated and burdened with depression and anxiety. There is a healthier and more rewarding way to live.

In these cases, individual work can be helpful in order to work through old hurts, create new meaning, and rewrite a new story so that you can engage in healthy relationships with both yourself and others. In individual therapy, my goal is to create a safe place to move past issues that are leaving you stuck. I believe we all have a powerful reservoir of strength, resilience and love, but sometimes our conditioned thoughts and habits can cloud it. I am honored to join you on this journey of self-discovery.



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Celebrate Diversity

I offer support to people regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. 

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